The question ‘Who am I’ has been a common thread running through my whole life.
Which I believe is the most important question we have to ask ourselves if we want to be a pure vessel of the infinite One.
~ Ratna Dewi

Ratna Dewi is a visionary, guardian of the earth, explorer of Sound, Movement and Consciousness. A sincere devotee of the divine in each of us,  who practices and teach the path of Union.
She inspires to spread the message of love and compassion through the sacred language of the feminine in connection with mother nature and the animal kingdom: creating pathways for people to remember their way home, their connection with the feminine, nature and rediscovering their way to thrive and live in Joy.

Currently Ratna Dewi gives sessions in different parts of the world, wherever she is called. Mostly she will be found in Greece, Belgium, Netherlands and Bali.

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