Ratna Dewi shares her gifts with much joy and gratitude. Her work is devoted to the divine in each one of us, guiding you home to the Jewel. (Ratna)

Who am I?

The question ‘Who am I’ has been a common thread running through my whole life. In my earlier 20, Christ together with the dolphins appeared in my dream and said “Be who you are”. A few years later I had a vision about Christ in a mirror; saying “We are the same”…
Years went by of searching for the answer of this fundamental question. Although I had many beautiful teachers and got to experience deep insights once in awhile, I didn’t felt fulfilled.

After almost 15 years of seeking on my spiritual path, I came to a point where I was tired of seeking, tired of being caught up in the person where duality seems a reality. The only thing what was left for me to do is to fall on my knees and give myself to what I believe is beyond everything we know as humans. We can call it God, the divine or the Universe whatever resonates for you.
God asked me to drop everything, all that I thought I was. These last 3 years of silence has brought me to an experience of death, it’s like falling in a space of complete emptiness. (Shunyata) Where there was no person ‘Ratna Dewi’ found. The person was gone… Realizing that I am not that. I am that when all else falls away. All that I am not breaks down. The body, the person, the story…

And all that I am stays, Is here always, changeless, empty yet full. Full of love, freedom and blissful joy. It was at this point that I understood Christ his words and that I experience fullfilment in every moment of my Life.

I discovered that from this place of deep emptiness and silence, we can Awaken to our True Nature.

Currently I am called to create a sanctuary, a temple for men and women to rest in, to re-connect with their True Nature. Where one will find their natural rythme, their sexuality and sensuality, their authenticity and blissful joy. Where all is being held, where we can see the changing and the unchanging, grief and joy, love and hatred, disconnection and connection… all welcomed and all part of the play as this human form.

Currently the sessions will be held partly in Greece, Crete and partly in Belgium, Gent.