Dance of the Infinite by Ratna Dewi ~ A Journey into Being

Dance of the infinite –  are intuitive movements that are supporting the process of Inner Union: opening the heart and remembering the power of the womb. It is a transformative remembering and awakening process that organically leads anyone in surrender towards authentic and meaningful existence. It is the intuitive remembrance of the true self through fully collapsing into the infinite One, coming to the awareness of this energy brings people to a more strengthened, sustainable and harmonious existence with other beings and the planet itself.

The meaning of Ratna is Jewel. It originates from Sanskrit. The Jewel symbolizes the altruistic intention to become enlightened, compassionate and loving… – the dalai lama
The Jewel is the core of our heart, a pure shining light that is always with us, yet we have forgotten and many of us created a shell around it, out of fear to be hurt we close our heart, we want to protect it but in fact the Jewel heart Is the protection itself.
Dewi means goddess, the divine feminine within each of us which we can locate in our body in the womb area. The womb is the one that holds space, she holds life, she holds the seed of creation. When we re-connect with the womb as it is meant to be, we access a great power that can be expressed in pure creation.

Practice in group or private sessions:

Group Sessions:
We start with basic yoga movements and breathing exercises to warm up and opening the channels in the body. We connect with the womb, as this is the important starting point from which we gently move our way towards the heart.
The purpose of this practice is to submit the body to the light of the heart. After a deeper practicing, you will have developed a connection and trust with yourself and the body, but these are stepping stones to a greater awareness and surrender to the unknown. Once you have build trust, and you have the willingness and deep desire to take it to the next level then we come to the main purpose of this practice. You will let go more and more of yourself, you get yourself out of the way, you give up on your self and let completely the infinte One take over the dance, the body, and ultimaly in your whole life.

We let go of techniques and perfected postures. We start to feel the subtle energy that leads us through every step, and we tap into the zero point from which the movements occur.
Dance of the infinite is an inner dance that goes to the core of our being, and even beyond that if the dancer can let go of the dancer, it stimulates our creativity and invites us to surrender to it, directly in the moment.. The dance sessions are an attentic expression of our true nature. You find out beyond what you could imagine. The body can do more then we think. Once we submit our body to the heart, we go beyond our minds and we free ourselves from the chains we have created around our hearts.
One-on-One Sessions:
In the private sessions we go deeper into the individual blockages. Ratna Dewi will use her healing gifts to support where ever there is a contraction in the body that prevents you from fully being yourself. Also check out the sessions page for different intention of healing.

Music & Silence:

We are opening deeper, surrendering the body to the divine feminine (Dewi), the moment when the mind and body finds awe in surrendering into silence
from which movements occur.
In nature we find that same silence, so mostly we use nature as a way to tap into that silence.
Though music is for most people easy accessible, and creates an e-motion,
energy in motion that allows the movement to occur.
We do sometimes use music in this practice, but music that supports stillness.


In general the benefits of this powerful practice are:

  • enhanced vitality
  • building trust and connection with the body, soul and spirit
  • relaxing deeper into the Infinite One
  • creating pathways of remembering our true nature
  • support for physical, mental, emotional health
  • cultivation of the energy flow in the body
  • feeling more connected to the rhythms of the earth and our own rhythm
  • growing our awareness on multi-dimensional levels
  • developing a more refined way of moving the body
  • opening the senses, the heart and consciousness
  • experiencing peace of mind and a sense of unity, Bliss