In honor of mother earth and the divine in all beings

The New earth vision is to assist the planet and humanity with the current shift into higher frequencies. We can raise our vibrational frequencies when we allow ourselves to imagine the impossible, – out of the box, where we have set our limited believes-. We will then see that anything is possible. The New earth vision is what we all carry inside our hearts, and deeply know that this is a world we are ment to create together.
It isn’t something we can really grasp with our minds but rather FEEL in our hearts…
I’m not here to tell you to much about it, but I want people to get the feel of it, so that they can get inspired by it and experience it themselves.
One of the creative projects is a sacred home, a sanctuary where people can come for deep rest, rejuvenation, healing, creativity, music, writing, dancing… Anything that is needed in the moment that inspires our heart and soul, our own inner Wisdom.
All the aspects of the New earth vision is the foundation of every creation, with this we also like to create a dance/ music film that evokes these aspects. We will have a beautiful setting in nature, and use soul dance and sound…
We will also create beautiful photo’s to capture the essence of beauty and stillness…
All the aspects of the New earth are the foundation of everything we do, from this place there is an effortless unfolding.
In the New earth Vision we like to inspire others to find their own unique gifts. Therefor we support the idea of exchange in that way…

New Earth Visionary Ratna Dewi
For a long time I have dreamed to inspire people in such a way that connects them to their innermost being of unconditional love, freedom and peace. It’s my passion and excitement to show people that we can create a world without seperation, without suffering, that we can consciously choose to unplug from the matrix, illusion and all the believes that keeps us from experiencing limitlessness. I truly wish to inspire many beautiful souls on this planet showing them glimpses of the new earth through the power of silence, sound and movement. This is the time now for us to express and share who we truly are. And to create the dream we always dreamed off, a world where we can live in peace with ourselves and each

I’ve always been a mystic at heart, ever since I was a little girl. Communicating with nature and animals was natural to me. I spend many days and hours outside, listening and being with all that was given in every moment. This simplicity has always inspired me. I felt the new earth vision, in every moment as a child, and couldn’t match this with what was happening in the world. It broke my heart, and ever since I kept the jewel hidden inside. Until mother earth called me, and had several important dreams that showed me why I am here, and that I need to show people the precious jewel. I realized that there is no time to waste, mother earth needs us more then ever in this transition to the new… In this very moment, I have the opportunity to share my heart and soul, to share a dream we all long for in this world.

“May all beings Awaken to their true nature, finding peace and fulfilment for the highest good of all.”  Ratna Dewi


We joyfully accept all kinds of support and contribution. Thank you. 

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“Nothing needs to be changed, only to be uncovered. A home we all long for.” Ratna Dewi