Are you a man, woman young or old, courageous to let go of all that doesn’t serve your soul. Are you willing to hear the music that is vibrating deep inside your true being, behind your old habbits.
We are living in times now that we are called forth, to leave the old behind and step into creating the new. To remember who we really are, why we are here and what our unique expression is.
Are you ready to step into this journey of discovering your true nature and be guided in this profound proces.
You are most Welcome here.


Many of us are sharing beautiful things in the world for spiritual growth and personal development. People are sharing all sorts of healing practices, all sorts of yoga, dance, massage, reiki, tantra, coaching etc.
These are all valuable and unique on their own, but it’s the person that is sharing it who’s bringing the uniqueness to it.
So what is it that Ratna Dewi is bringing that makes this unique?
Ratna Dewi has a natural gift to serve humanity by bridging all that has seperated us from oneness, our true Nature.
Our greatest suffering lies in the seperation of our heart and sexuality, in woman and man, light and dark…

She allows the energy to come through that makes it more easy for us to open our hearts to love, and our sexuality to manifestion and creation. When both these channels are opened, then they can come together and merge as one. This is also called inner union, or inner marriage.
This is the alchemy of true freedom.
It’s the feeling of coming home and using two wings that work together in synchronisity to keep you on the straight path. Which gives you the opportunity to see clearly.
She is someone with an enormous amount of Love energy, from where she likes to create that is unique to her soul. She empowers others to be courageous and bold to create the life their soul desires. She brings a space of deep knowing, where everything is seen, also ones shadows and where one cannot hold on to anything. She creates a safe space to explore, where one will learn to trust deeper into this moment.
So she would give you the advice to come to a session without any expectations.

There is nothing you have to do. And that’s perhaps for many the most difficult part, but it’s the most important for your spiritual growth.

Most healing modalities offer a structure, a practice, technique or method to come to this place of deep rest and emptiness. But there is a direct experience of that when you take everything away. And from this place of nothingness, everything is possible.

Ratna Dewi encourages people to find their own unique way of being, your own song, your own method, your own language. Who are You?

These sessions are for all the brave hearted people, who are willing to step into the unknown. Who are willing to give up all that is not serving their soul, and bold enough to create the life your soul desires.
It is required to have some basic understanding and practice of spirituality, meditation and emptiness (Shunyata) This is the practice of complete openness and therefor only for those who feel strong in body, mind and are sinscerely devoted to their awakening journey.

This is simply a loving space where healing takes place. It’s a silent transmission for awakening, nurturing and healing.
It connects us to the zero point, the vibrational energy behind all forms which by-passes the minds idea of itself and that creates a means to interact with the ‘intuitive’ flow.

Remember this is about letting go, not controling, no expectation, trust… knowing that you are being held and that you are safe. It is in the unknown where you’ll meet the depth of your being.

These are not talking sessions, but energetic embodiment sessions, meaning; being held in a sacred space is an intense bodily experience. In silence you will experience many things in your body. This can sometimes feel scary and overwhelming, that’s mostly the reason why we would not go there by ourselves and therefor it is needed to be held by someone who is experienced and knows this place very well.
Ratna Dewi will guide and support you in this with love and patience. She invites you to connect with the silence of your being, using gentle touch, Light language, sounds… From this place everything is possible that is in alignnment with Truth.
You can read more in the session terms what can be addressed during the session.

Usually not much is needed, to let you experience your true nature. Less is more. Simplicity is key.

* These session do not include massage, no physical effort and no tantric techniques.

“There are many ways to describe these sessions, but the only way to really know what is ment by this, is to experience it…

At least 4 to 5 sessions are recommended if you desire to root yourself into process of awakening to your true being. It depends on each individual how long and how much experience you need.

Please read these session agreements before the in person sessions. If you agree, sent a mail to confirm your agreement for the session. Thank you.session agreements
Read this list for the Terms that are used in the Sessions Session Terms

One-on-one sessions offer an attuned, empathic holding environment.
A safe and healing space where, together, we can unfold and transform your experience. 

If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, then you are welcome to send me a message with your particular concerns or questions.

* Note: I am open for sessions in 2018
Lisbon Portugal whole year round
Belgium: 1 – 6 Februari,
Bali: will be announced…

Free your heart from the chains and let the jewel shine.

 The masculine and feminine dance in harmony together within. 

Deep in our womb lies a power that wants to be released.



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