Why I love the dolphins and whales? It all started 20 years ago where the dolphins came to me in dreams, connecting with me in the energy fields. They presented themselves as my spiritual guides, to find ‘home’, to find the Truth of our existence as a human species, but also my own soul purpose of being here in this time. They have shown me that there is more than the physical form. We are here to experience pure Bliss, pure Love and Freedom.
I am not a marine biologist, although I am interested to know how they live, and all the researches on the way they communicate etc. but my highest purpose is to connect with and communicate with them on higher levels of consciousness. If we are able to raise our own frequencies, we will be able to truly hear them. They are one of the highest representation in the animal kingdom of pure consciousness. They are the protectors and messengers of the earth mother.

This is not some new age airy fairy spirituality that avoids to connect with the physical realm. To be open to your higher Self, and learn from this, bring this learning into the physical form, is the most grounding thing you can do in life. Know yourself, is an intelligent action. We can know our Self,  by being awake in the dream. This has been beautifully demonstrated in the movie the Matrix.
The dolphins and whales are the only known beings on the planet that naturally remain awake while they sleep. Half of the brain dreams in a R.E.M state of consciousness, the other half remains awake with an eye open underwater, looking for predators. Our predators is the system, the ones that do anything to make us powerless, to make us sheep. We can see it everywhere, in the education system, the financial system etc… and it is becoming more and more obvious to many people. Gladly so, because we cannot do anything when we are not aware of the dream, of the predators that wants to keep us in the dream, asleep.
In many ways the dolphin and whales behaviours is showing us something very important. Also their expression of love, peace, joy, oneness and playfulness, is such a beautiful way of showing human beings how life can be, as an empowered awake human. Dolphins are masters in showing us how to love, to choose joy, to play, to surrender to life in whatever way it comes to you…
That’s why most people have a natural tendency to be attractive to some degree with these animals, and the amount of interest is increasing every year. Because they are reflecting something we all long for deep inside, some are aware of it and some are still waking up to this new way of seeing. Either way, the dolphin and whales are here to help us, to reflect to us, to wake up to the Truth, to Know ourselves, our True nature.



They are Masters of Frequency and Sound. They know how to send specific sounds to stun certain fish, to navigate in the water, to locate and talk to each other, to identify coral reefs, to recognize people they have met previously, to create holographic images and geometric glyphs, to assist each other, plus much more. They live in a world of frequencies and it is their primary means of communication, navigation, sensory perceptions and protection.
As we meet the dolphins and whales we experience the power of group mind, acoustic imagery, healing, dolphin bubble-art, telepathy and the joy of accepting ourselves as multi-dimensional beings. They illuminate light on the parts we do not want to see, they bring up our shadows and that’s where a lot of people experience a healing taking place, a sense of relief and release of stress etc. This allows us to make space within ourselves, and become more aware of our Selves. This is the gift of the dolphins and whales to humanity.


I do not support Dolphin Assisted Therapy to the extent where dolphins are kept in captivity in order to assist in Therapy. I do however embrace the idea that interaction with dolphins is in my own research and experience beneficial to humans.

Although no scientific evidence exists, research has shown the positive effects that interacting with dolphins appears to have on humans. Researchers suggest that swimming with dolphins has the ability to reinforce the human immune system, to improve awareness, lengthen attention span and increase self-control, and cause feelings of compassion and self-assurance to develop.

An analysis of the effect of Dolphin Therapy on participants in the Dolphin Therapy program shows that a positive effect or improved condition has been experienced by those who suffer from, amongst others illnesses depression, insomnia, ADHD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, muscular dystrophy and Down syndrome.

A more scientific explanation is that dolphins’ use of sonar and echolocation produces changes in the cell structure of the patient’s body; it is consequently believed that, through the use of sound waves and echolocation, healing can be stimulated and the state of consciousness altered.

Dolphins may or may not have the ability to heal but they do without doubt provoke a deep sense of completion and realisation within us. Swimming with Dolphin and Whales has the power to encourage and provoke significant life changes to occur, changes beneficial to the state of our inner being; the experience leaves one with feelings of utter fulfillment and self-assurance yet at the same time wholly content and at peace, at one with nature and its wondrous and mysterious creatures.

This would be favorable to anyone wishing for a meaningful and moving experience – a family wanting an unforgettable adventure, corporates out on a team building exercise, and in particular those with special needs or suffering from chronic illness.


My Personal Experience with the Dolphins

The Dolphins have been given me many guidance in dreams, meditation and also in moments of physical interaction in the ocean. I met with them several times in Azores Islands, Big Island Hawaii, Oahu Hawaii, Red sea Egypt.
I feel passionate to translate and connect other people with these amazing intelligent and high conscious creatures, so that they are able to not only see and ‘watch’ them as an entertaining idea but truly listening to the messages they send to us. To help us connect and be aware of the Self, consciousness, is-ness itself. And from my work as a Truth seeker and practitioner I help people to deeply relax, connect with a deeper silence within themselves and from there they are able to truly listen to mother nature and all animal kingdom. My job (joy of being) is to reconnect people to their true nature through nature and animal relations. Especially I love to work with the ocean, the cetaceans, the Dolphins and Whales.

It is my calling to let people remember of their essence, their innate wisdom, infinity, love and freedom.